Tuesday, March 1

I have a TEENAGER!!

Its Harvey's 13th Birthday today.  How the heck did that happen?!

I have always made the boys cards and as they get older it gets a bit challenging but Harvey LOVES Warhammer and it's always easier if the kids have a hobby so I set about making Harvey's card.  

First thing... Hmmm he waffles A LOT about Warhammer.  "yes, Mmm, interesting, that's good" I make all the right sounds whilst he waffles on but "oh cr*p" do I actually remember what faction he likes?  I knew it was 40 k, I knew it was Space Marines... "Fist...Hmmm work brain work" YES!  Imperial Fists - they are Yellow and I know I have purchased several pots of Yellow paint.

Of course I LOVE to make Pop it Ups cards with Karen Burniston's designs so I reached for the trusty "Lots of Pops" die to make this card for Harvey.   A quick google and I was all set with printed images.

On the whole card I used the A4 Sizzix spotty Embossing Folder
and swiped a metallic ink pad on it to make it DIRTY and BOYISH :)

The Happy Birthday Corner was a DIE-VERSIONS die

The 13 was the MARIANNE Numbers.

Inside the card I used the KAREN BURNISTON LOTS OF POPS DIE
and the cogs are from the CLOCKS AND GEARS SET

Taylored Expressions Embossing Folder - BURLAP

Heaps more Metallic Ink

And a side view to show the depth of the card.

I must say I was so pleased with the card that I made that I shared on a Warhammer
Facebook group and I must say it was the first time EVER that I had 108 Responses and 
I would say 95% of those were male!! Guess I knew my audience who would appreciate
the card :) 

Today Harvey has gone to school and is making a cake in Cooking.  It will be his Birthday cake so I hope he is doing a good job.  I am cooking pulled pork for his Birthday tea (as requested)

I hope you are inspired by the card.  In effect anything that the kids are into
now days can be found with a quick google and if you print bits out you can make
a one of a kind card that they are sure to appreciate.


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