Wednesday, June 1

Junkyard Garden and Daisy Mae

We've been busy this bank holiday weekend clearing the rubbish and old stuff from the garden and making our junkyard garden using pallets and tires.  Keeping the costs down by using junk but hopefully making a garden that looks taken care of.  We are not finished yet. And something major needs to happen to the lawn but it's a million times better than it was and we have a full skip out front to prove it.

On a personal level it's been a tough few weeks with one of my cats.  She ended up having surgery on her thyroid and having many teeth out. It's been an emotional rover coaster.  Pleased  she survived the operations and like only animals can, she's bounced back remarkably.  The photo collage  shows Daisy's freedom.  She is very much an outdoor cat but had to of course stay in post operation.  Thankfully it was only 4 days but it was a long 4 days!

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