Tuesday, June 7

Welcome Baby - Hanging Charm Pull Tab

Hi Bloggers, what a lovely day it is here in Surrey today, I have done a bit of house work so I thought that I would blog a card I made last night.

I am here with a New Baby card, this one made in pink to welcome a new girl, but could look fabulous in blue as well.  Maybe I will knock up a blue one next time.

I used the bunny from the Baby Charms set, as well as the Bunny
 there is a onsie, dummy and umbrella

Here is a visual list of the items I used to make it :


Baby Charms - Crafts U Love (hopefully)

Baby Stamps - Crafts U Love  (Hopefully)

So no sooner I have mentioned the lovely day it sounds and looks like a
 thunder storm might be rolling in!  Typical eh?

I will be back soon with another card soon.

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