Friday, July 22


Well last Monday and Tuesday morning I was nervously awaiting some visitors from Germany coming to see my Shed and myself.  Nervous, wondering why on earth I agreed to another TV thing. Those that know me know that I am nervous, shy and a worrier, if you know me as anything other than that let me assure you I am good at faking it!  9;15 they were due to arrive and they were almost spot on.  The car pulled up and I expected maybe 2 but 4 people got out of the car. One guy and 3 ladies.  Oh dear, what was I doing.  Tempted to lock the door and pretend I was out I opened the door and with my fake "I am confident" handshake I welcomed them all in the house.   

Milo is always a good way to break the ice, he sped around the garden in excited circuits and was jumping up wagging his tail like he might actually take off.  They smiled a stroked him and I assured them eventually he would calm down. He did of course but he would go up to them over the next 2 days and got lots of lovely strokes and tickles :)

I was introduced to Katharina, Liz, Miriam and Boris  and we set to work filming the garden, the shed and me.  Numerous takes of the same thing, watering the plants, walking round the garden, feeding the fish and talking.  Slowly but surely my nerves disappeared as I realised they were all rather lovely!  Katharina and I having a bit of a chuckle at things and she spoke amazing English, Liz was the only one who didn't speak as much but I assured her  it was a MILLION times better than my German.   

The weather was not as hot as this past week, thank goodness it would have been a killer in 30+ heat, so for their visit it was a pleasant temperature with showers forecast. We decided to do the outside bits first and then move to inside later that day and then Tuesday they were going to meet me at work and then back here later on again for more inside bits.  They also wanted to meet the family and see me in my shed at night. I  told Darren of the plan and he said he didn't want to be filmed, I told them, the kids were fine, Darren not.  That was ok, not everyone wants to be on TV. :)

It was a long first day, fun non the less and they went off to their hotel in the early evening. Arranged to meet at work 1pm the next day and I was thankful it was a later start as I was so tired.  After a short stint at work they left at the same time as me, I let them in the house and I went to collect the kids.  Even later that evening after more filming in various stages and YES they did get Darren filmed, not interviewed but filmed with the kids.  They went off for their evening food and came back like 9 or 9.30pm to see the things in the dark.

At the end of it I felt so pleased I had done it, they were lovely lovely people, they not feeling aggravated by me who is of course a complete novice at these things!  Even after the third take of hundreds of buttons pouring through my hands, I eventually got that right, an arty shot I do believe!  How much quicker is it to pour these buttons than pick them up ?  We learnt that quickly.

We laughed with Boris the cameraman as I showed him "The Who's"  Boris the Spider on you tube.  And I could not help but rush to make a gift for Katharina who had been so good with me.So whilst they popped out for their meal I made a chalkboard with a Polka Dot red paper and a Polka Dot Red Button that she had been eyeing up for the 2 days.  I was just sad I could not make them all something in that short time.  I'll forgive Boris for nearly burning down the Palace after moving a clip light!   I said it would be the "Kill Boris Show"  had it really burnt down.   :)

Apparently the programme will be broadcast sometime next year and if I find out when I will let you all know.

Here is a little collage I made with these lovely people.  I hope to keep in touch with them.

Just another crazy night in my Crafty Palace!

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Janine said...

Glad it went so well


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