Tuesday, April 3

Cricut Dog Box

I love my Cricut machine and I love the David Walker designs from Paper Pups and Zooballoo. I spend most of my freetime on the www.cricut.com forum. There you can find the most wonderful inspiration and some lovely people some of which I consider to be far away friends. If you go there please take time to check out a few of their shining stars!

In no particular order they are


Thank you to the above ladies and so many more, this is just from memory and I dont have a great one so forgive me if I have left you off.


smarty glitterati said...

Ooh, I love that tin! Looking forward to seeing more of what you've done with your Cricut. Barely touched mine *blushes*

DazyCutr said...

I am so impressed with all of this. You have done a fantastic job, I love it all,especially the family pictures and your beautiful cards.
The Cricut Dog Box is so cute. Love the David Walker Cricut Cartridges.
Thank you for including me among your Cricut Messageboard friends :) DazyCutr


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