Saturday, April 7

Have a Happy Easter

What a beautiful weekend it looks in being. we had a lovely day yesterday in the garden, pottering around, planting, clearing up. We let "stamper" our rabbit out for a run, he loved it. The cats enjoyed chasing him, but as soon as Stamper turned towards them they ran away, it was very comical to watch. Looks like the start of another lovely day today so I am sure there will be much of the same.

I hope to get something stamped or cricutted this weekend, I went to town yesterday for an hour yesterday on my own and it was bliss, after being stuck inside for a week with Harvey and "spot" it was great to have some me time, I brought some easter goodies for the boys, too much really but, hey if you cant spoil your kids once in a while. I will take some photos tomorrow of the garden and easter bunny treats. I am planning a little hunt with Harvey tomorrow. I got Harvey some lovely books, OK not a usual easter treat but they were £1 each and I cant resist kids books and afterall I am the one that reads them every night.

Here is a cute picture of my boys, Caiden all spotty with his pox, he is on the mend and has slept for 2 nights, so mummy is feeling much better now! Harvey just loves his brother and you can see it here, he keeps saying sorry for giving him the pox, I keep trying to explain that he didnt mean to but he is a sensative soul.

Have a great easter everyone, I love these long weekends with family.

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