Sunday, April 29

Here's my first attempt with the Prismacolor

OK here is the much talked about card that I was playing with. Harvey had a party to go to today so I thought that I would combine the technique with a card I actually needed.

Materials Used : Whippersnapper stamp, Prismacolor pencils, Sansodor and Stumps, Rob and Bob paper, Alphalicous cricut, Crystal Glitter Glue, pink sheer ribbon.

Here are a few comments on my first experiences with it.

  • I colour very lightly with watercolour pencils so I found it hard to make the colour much more intense, I will have to practise with this.
  • I am used to watercolour pencils and the way you can pull the colour around much more
  • I didnt use the correct weight cardstock. This was actually quiet smooth card and I think something with little more tooth will work better

That said I am actually quiet pleased with the results.

On a totally different note we had a 10 hour powercut today. Wow! how you miss the electric when it is gone. Lucky we have a gas hob so we could at least boil the water for Caidens bottles and make us cups of tea. I went out and brought sausages and burgers for a bar-be-cue but the coals weren't playing ball and I had to give up that idea and chuck a couple into the frying pa for Harvey who was getting very hungry and starting to sound like a scratched record with his "where is my burger" over and over again! I knew there was a reason I brought a gas hob though, exactly for this reason.

Thats all for now, I'll be back tomorrow and hopefully be able to play a bit more with these pencils. I wont let them beat me, I will fall in love with them!


kim said...

What a fab card, you done well with something you have never used before, they sound interesting.....

Patsy Jackson said...

This card is fantastic! I love that stamp and the way you've coloured them is brilliant. I'm not sure what these pencils are but they sound interesting with the stumpy whatsits!!!

CandiceL said...

Wow - your first attempt is amazing!! The coloring of the stamp is just beautiful!! I remember my first attempt - and it looked nothing like yours - I put too much pressure on the blending stumps and tore right thru the paper - YIKES!! Your card is beautiful - can't wait to see more with this technique! :)

Ila said...

This is really lovely! You did a great job coloring with these pencils. Sure can't tell it is your first time.

Michelle said...

Well if that's your first attempt I'd say you were a natural ;)


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