Saturday, April 28

Cute little pictures

I was finding it hard to see where one blog post started and one finished so I quickly knocked up these cute David Walker borders. These were all made using David Walker fonts and they can be purchased for download from I LOVE David Walker designs and my two favourite cricut carts are Paper Pups and Zooballoo. I am hoping that Cricut get a move on and make some more David Walker Cartridges and I am on a mission for a Cardboard Cats cartridge!

I had a little go at the prismacolor pencils yesterday, it was hard as Caiden didnt really sleep a great deal. I didnt use the right kind of cardstock so I dont think that helped, also I havent actually seen these pencils used or a card in real life so I am even unsure of what it is supposed to look like. I am quiet pleased with my first go despite what I just said. I was wanting to make it as a card before I posted a picture, so bear with me, it will be today.


Ang said...

Caz, I love your blog and I JUST love the stampin bella cards you do!!!! I've tagged you, come visit and see:

Samm said...

Bring on the cats cartridge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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