Thursday, April 26

Shopping on the black market

Hmmm if there is a knock on the door in the next week or two it will either be the postman or the customs people coming to take me away for my black market goodies! LOL I wont say much more than..... give me a M - give me a I - give me a C - give me a K ..... you know the rest!! I am soooooooooooo excited. Shame on that little green bug for making me buy from the Black or should I say cricut green market. Lucky for me I have lots of wonderful friends on the web that are only to willing to help a girl in crisis.


StampOwl said...

Oh glad you found someone to send you the carts - a friend was able to send me mine and I have had sooooo much fun with them, you will find my mickey cards on my blog, if you haven't seen them already. I love the carts!

Samm said...

Bet you can't wait!!!! hehehehe, fab, maybe a little visitor came my way yesterday too??? LOL : )


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