Friday, April 27

Postman has been....

It wasnt of course my blackmarket stash, but something I ordered yesterday from I ordered some stumps and Sandsodor which apparently is what I need to use these prismacolor pencils. I am well impressed with the service, ordered yesterday and came today. I would recommend them. If you are going to them for the stumps and sandsodor then I would also point out something that I saw in the catalogue I received today but didnt (ARGH) order. A small metal container which is used for holding these types of solvents and it has a lid so you could use it to keep a small amount of this stuff in to work with instead of poking the stumps into the bottle! I will have to tag one onto another order, but I can see that that not be for a while as I ordered 5 packs of 2 stumps and have been told that will be more than enough.

Now if anyone has a magic spell to send Caiden to sleep coz of course Mummy wants to play but it seems so does he today! Talking of Caiden, he is a little mover. He is now crawling and cruising everywhere! Getting into all sorts of mischief. This morning he crawled out to the hall, to the stairs, standing up holding onto the bottom step and shouting and shouting, I swear he was calling for Harvey to wake up. So I took him up there and plopped him into Harveys bed. Harveys face from deep sleep to waking to his brother pounding his face was a picture, he loves his brother so much, he had a beautiful smile for his little bro.

Housework calling, better get that done and see what I can come up with this afternoon for my play with the pencils, I can not wait!! I am just trying to plan the perfect stamp to show off their colouring abilities. Oh I hope I can do it, I love watercolour pencils and I am quiet pleased with the results I can achieve so I will be disappointed if these dont work for me. But as I tell the ladies on the classes its practise practise practise so I suppose its the same for me with these ones.

Have a wonderful crafting day!

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Alex said...

Well having a good old nosy through your blog now I have found it, I use Zest-it with my prismacolour pencils and stumps, I got mine from a girl on splitcoast. I love my prismacolour and like yourself still need lots of practice, but they are really great, and can't wait to get some more colours.


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