Wednesday, May 16

Been busy but I cant show you!

I have been busy stamping over the last few days but I can not share with you all as 8 of the cards are for Beautiful cards magazine and the two I made last night are for classes that I am teaching Saturday. I hope to be able to share something with you soon!! I desperately need to ink up my new Bellas and play with my plasma flowers as promised.

For my class Saturday I have been using doodlebug friends flower clear set (and click on doodlebug stamps) and they are FAB, fallen in love with them and I have already told the shop they arent having them back! also their cute stick alphabet will be mine as well [evil cackle] I have to tell you a funny about these stamps, well it wasnt funny last night but it is now...... I made a card, cut four squares of background paper in doodlebug papers. Stamped flowers onto bazzill card, added a little pencil, stamped the stems onto the paper, stuck the flower heads down. Proceeded to add the words with these cute little sticks.... they are self assembly, rubber and foam on bottom and stickers on the top and I was mounting them as I needed them. OK frienb what the *%&%£( frienb!!! BBBBB where the heck did that come from!! LOL you know what its like, b and d look the same but the wrong way..... I grabbed the wrong one and boy was I miffed about it.... the last touch on the card and I did it wrong.... where there is a will there is a way and I was determined that all was not lost, I printed friend (yep d) onto a piece of cardstock and will stick that in place. Still will give me a little story for my class.

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Jen said...

Caz, I just bought this stamp set and have yet to lay ink on it, I am waiting for just that right inspiration. Can't wait to see what you come up with.


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