Saturday, May 12

Fab Birthday

I've had a fab birthday and proof that you do not need lots of money, lots of presents and cards to have a good time. I got a lovely skirt and top from my parents for my Spainish holiday, Darren unbeknown to him had already got my 10 Bellas, he got me some plants for the garden as well today, 12 for 99p!, I got a lovely package from Sherilin my NSSS from the Cricut forum and a chocolate fountain from my brother that we are going to test tomorrow.

Darren popped to work for a while and told me to think of where I wanted to go. We are a bit short of money right now so I was thinking of somewhere that wouldnt cost us a lot of money. We went to a pub for lunch and it was two for one there so we saved money!! Caiden and Harvey had a great time and we ended up going to the Wacky Warehouse for a hour of soft play, ball pits ect... Harvey LOVED it, Caiden loved crawling everywhere and kissing himself in the big soft mirror!! LOL I enjoed the meal and enjoyed even more being with my family and seeing the boys so happy and being with Darren also. Things like that dont cost the earth and are priceless.

Caiden has just started walked back and fourth across the living room with his little push along truck, it wont be long before he is walking properly, he is cruising around the furniture all the time and crawls so quickly.

When we got back home I decided to declutter the bookcase that was in the kitchen and just full of JUNK and took the bookcase upstairs to my craft room, it looks great there. It would have been perfect to spend some time crafting up there today but I have had a headache all afternoon so it would be hard to concentrate and I should really go now and rest my eyes.

Thanks for all the messages on the cricut forum and the cardmaking forum I belong to.


CandiceL said...

Hi Caz!! Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday - just wanted to wish you a happy belated birthday!! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Caz, it sounds like you had a wonderful time....


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