Monday, May 28

I hate spiders...... but

I just cried on Charlottes web when the spider died!! LOL what a sop I am. I am terrible for watching kids films and crying, they get me everytime. The film was really sweet, I thought Harvey might enjoy it but he wasnt really interested but I am sure when he is a little older he will like it. It killed an hour and a bit on this wet windy bank holiday weekend. Its rained pritty much non stop for 2 days! YUCK.

Right, I'm off again, Caiden is napping and I want to get going on my current project, a storage tin for my bella stamps.

1 comment:

Alex said...

OMG the spider dies!!!!!!!!! oh I can't watch that film now, lol = glad my hubby took the girls to see it at the cinema now cause I would have blubbed!!! lol


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