Tuesday, May 29

Great post today - Penny Black, coasters and Whippersnapper

I had a fun post today. First there was a pack of coasters from Sue from the Cricut Message Board, she very kindly offered my half her bundle of coasters and didnt want anything for it, just a thank you for the circles and signatures I have made for people on there. Now wasnt that sweet?! Second there was a stamp and ink pad from Judi, I get lots of goodies from her. And last but not least THREE Penny Black alphabet sets and one number set, www.pennyblackinc.com or www.theglitterpot.co.uk for uk shoppers!

I am still working on the bella box, I had hoped Caiden was napping right now so I could finish this off and share with you. Also I will be working on a Stampendous clear pail decorated with doddlebug ribbons, jewels and stamps! But again, I can not share with you as this is for a magazine article. I am soooo excited about this, I hope it looks half as good as I want it to :)

Carrying on from yesterdays blub, Harvey has indeed found Charlotte alive and well in our hallway. A tiny spider on the step ladder than Darren brought in from the garden to get into the loft. Harvey talks to Charlotte and forces me to say Hello when we pass her. She's ok, shes small, about 2 pin heads in size, so I can cope with that. Had she been any bigger she would be out the door like a shot! Oh and he must of liked it as at 8:30 this morning he was watching it again, asking me to vow that I wouldnt cry again. [dont tell him I did though] its a great film though, a story I remember from my childhood and I remember the little runt guinea pig that I loveingly called Wilbur and hand fed through a pipette, sadly he died, I did try though, and I cried and cried when he died :( Funny the things you remember, enjoy and try to pass onto your kids.

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