Saturday, May 5

Missing blogging, missing cards, missing you!

A few people mentioned recently "I dont know how you do it with the kids and all" and I was like "yeah, I fit it in at nap times ect". Well this week just hasnt happened :( Caiden hasnt been napping long enough for me to stamp, few other things going on, like friends coming round ect and crafting this week has been non exhistant. This isnt for the want of trying let me tell ya, I have been DYING to play with my ribbon rolls and new birdy stamps and all the other things. Its frustrating and a frustration that I am sure a million and one mums around the world face. But kids will grow and we'll have plenty of crafting time to ourselves and we will be wishing back our little ones and babies..... So if my blog goes quiet sometimes, rest assured it not coz I am wanting to neglect it or you, it means that I am having some quality time with my fast growing boys.

I am determined that this weekend I will play with my ribbons and bird stamps, infact I did manage to stamp, colour and cut the birds out yesterday so I just need to assemble them somehow. I did not mention it, but last weekend when I was demoing I was lucky enough to meet the lady (Shari Carrol) from Hero Arts USA who made the cute little birdy cards that you see on their website, she was a lovely lady and I was honored to meet such a stamp artist as her. Her look is very different, she is into collage and has just written a book on it, but I think as crafters we can learn to admire all types of work.

Speak to y'all later!

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robb_eeie said...

Hey Caz ... I think a lot of crafters//stampers//painters// etc.etc. are suffering from the ~hump~ (as my UK friend says!) ... even the BLOGS are quiet these days. Could it be that people have Spring Fever? I know for myself, once the nice weather hits (it's here finally, in Ontario, Canada ! yyippeeee ((doing happy dance)) :)) my stamps and craft room get a bit neglected. I often wish I had some sort of portable table/unit that I could take outside with me ~ wouldn't that be cool? So get out there and get some much-needed Vitamin *D*/sunshine in your system, and enjoy the summer with the boys and DH. The stamps, chaulks and markers will all still be there upon your return ... and so will all us "Lurkers" too :0)


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