Wednesday, May 2

My Ribbons came!

My Ribbons came, my ribbons came! Doing the happy dance. 6 beautiful bright rolls of spotty ribbon and best of all another great card from Candice. She sent me the beautiful "now your stylin" Minnie mouse card she made. (IBelieve they are autumn leaves stamps - which I NEED) I will take a photo later. Also in the post today I got Hero Arts birds set from and I am hoping to sneak upstairs when Darren gets home to play with my birds and ribbons :) I will be sure to show you what I have done when I have done it.

Another beautiful day here. Just brought Harvey some school shorts and he looks sooooo cute! The best thing is they are NO IRON!! YIPEEE I HATE HATE HATE ironing and no word of a lie I rarely do it. We just all walk around crumpled! :o) thank goodness the days of "proper" school shirts are gone and polo shirts are fine, still they do get a little crumpled but I like to either dry them in the drier to hang them out quick and hope for the best..... theres certainly better things in life that to iron, I just end up chasing the creases around with the iron and ending up with something MORE crumpled that before....

Have a great day! From Stamping Chirping Crumpled Caz!


Samm said...

I hate ironing too Caz, the only ironing I've done in the last 3 years was on a card!!! welcome to the world of the tumble dryer, watch those creases drop out!!! hehehe!!!

Patsy Jackson said...

Me too on the ironing front - DH irons his own stuff (and I hang mine to dry in the hope it won't crease too much!!!).

Caz, aren't you lucky getting all those ribbons - they look FAB!! Am going to have to get myself some ribbons like that!!! Wow!

Can't wait to see what you use them for :)


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