Wednesday, June 20

Catching up on a few things...

OK were back. Not a great start, unfortunately when I walked through the door, looked upstairs I noticed the fish tank was cloudy. I went up, took the lid off and PHEWY..... 2 dead fish and a very smelly tank and 2 poorly fish left. So I had to quickly clean that up [ ok wasnt that quick as I had to empty it using a jug] and sent the dead fish to the big U bend in the sky. The 2 poorly ones have made a full recovery and are happy swimming in the clean (and unsmelly) water.

Today, I decided I needed to add two new members of the family.... Hmmm.. one would think, OK 2 dead fish, means 2 new fish?! Yeah, that would be the logical thing to do.... but nope, I was thinking cuter and cuddlier than fish.... and we are pleased to welcome. LINNY AND TUCK to the Counsell family.... those with young kids will recognise the names as two of the WONDERPETS! Yeah, we have named our two little guinea pigs after a guinea pig and a turtle! Ha ha They are cute as can be, I have always loved guinea pigs, these are two little boars, only about 7 weeks old.... Linny is white with black and tan, Tuck is black and white. When they have settled in I will share a photo. I just wanna hug them all the time, but I am being "adult" and am letting them settle in although its killing me!

Our holiday was fab, my in laws did everything, all the cooking, washing up ect, which was lovely of them, but it makes it all the harder to come back. It was hard work in that the place is totally NOT child friendly. Harvey was fine, but Caiden who LOVES water and crawls/cruses everywhere didnt understand why Mummy and Daddy were constantly dragging him away from the swimming pool. And Mummy and Daddy didnt understand why he WOULD NOT play in the paddling pool that Grandma and Grumps had specially set up for him! kids eh?

I managed to do some stamping. I took my Stampendous Monkey stamps and my bella stamps. I have to admit, as much as I love the bellas and I do! I just wasnt in a bella mood really. Bellas require background papers, primas, jewels and more... of course I was limited in the supplies I could take with me, so I didnt have any of that with me. So my Monkeys got used and I made some cute cards.

I LOVE this card. It wasnt my idea to put the monkey in a grass skirt, thats Stampendous that did that, but how cute is he?

I love the sunset and the orange card. This was so easy to make and fun all the way.


Family Pics

Here are a few family pictures. Most days were spent in the pool, we didnt need to leave Darrens parents place. It was lovely.

My Baby boy Caiden celebrated his first birthday in Spain on 15th June. We had a little tea party to celebrate with lots of cakes and yummy things to eat.

We went to the park one evening. Harvey spotted a ride on car and we put both boys on it. Got some cute pictures of them together.

I will add more photos later. I dont want to loose all this info and its doing me head in how when you add the photos it jiggles and text about and you have to keep editing it!! ARGH!!

One thing, UK people, if you want these monkeys contact the Glitter Pot on and tell them I sent you! They dont stock all of them, BUT they will certainly add to their order. Once again, please do tell them I sent ya!


julia said...

Fab cards (as usual) Caz! I'm just loving those monkeys. Glad you had a lovely time in sunny Spain - not jealous!

Samm said...

Glad you had a fab holiday Caz!!!!


Karen said...

Looks like a great time!


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