Monday, June 18

Greetings from Sunny Spain!!

This is just a quicky as I have left Darren and Caiden on the beach. Just popped into the internet cafe to say Hello, having a wonderful time and will be coming back to rainy england tomorrow.

Lots of pictures to share, holiday snaps AND cards I made



mum on the run said...

Hi Caz

Hope you've all had a great time!!

Cheryl xx

Robb_eeie said...

Hi Caz! I've missed your daily blog and postings of your amazing creations. I really REALLY hope you're back soon with loads of pictures and OOoooodles of new cards to show us. Ohhh and of course, new stamps :) So tell me, how is Spain for papercrafting/stamping? Any stores with stamping stuff? Can't wait to hear ALLLlll about it. Welcome Home !*!*!*!*


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