Tuesday, June 5

Death of a coconut!

Caiden has always had a big mop of hair, when he was born it was auburn and sticking up so much his nanny called him "coconut". Since then his hair was straight and down but it always has been very long..... that was until hubby got the clippers out last night and gave him a number 5! This picture makes him look bald, he has got hair, honest.

So, my little mop head has gone and I have a real little rebel on my hands!! He still looks cute as can be, but now there is mischief in those eyes.

1 comment:

Carmen said...

Your baby looks so cute with the new haircut. I have a little one from 1 year and he has been to the hairdresser twice now. His name is Aiden:) He has this curly hair wich is difficult to comb when it is long. It was kinda difficult to see the hair falling on the floor though.


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