Friday, June 8

Hey hey were the Monkeys!!

OK, I lied, I am here :) LOL I found some time and I am soooo excited about my newest arrivals I just had to share. I have always had a soft spot for our little primate cousins and Stampendous have brought out a cute range of Monkeys called Changito! You can see some cards made using these on Beates blog (see my fav blogs for the links) You can see the designs at and you if you are in the UK can purchase these from where they have 4 of the cutests monkeys in stock now! So give them a call and tell them that Caz sent you :)

Anyway, I have 4 of our chirpy chimps coming to me and I am taking them to Spain for some fun in the sun with my Bellas :) and yes I do have hubbys blessings on taking my craft stuff :) Shame we have to take so many clothes isnt it?? [grin]

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