Monday, July 30

Another Tag but this is new

I have received the Bumper Tag award... Hmm not sure if that is what its called. Anyway the rules for this one are different from normal so I will link the rules here .. Basically in a nutshell I have to tag five other bloggers. And send just one card to someone, anyone, not the bloggers I have tagged but some random person (friend or family) that I want to brighten their day.
I am also aware that other people have recently Tagged me, this is just the normal one where you have to tag others and share random facts about yourself. I havent had time to address this, but I have already done this so I wont do it again. :) I am sure you all understand.
So who am I going to get back with this Global Bumper Card Tag?? Hmmmmm
Stamp Owl


Kerryn Groves said...

okey dokey. i like that type of tag! im gonna have a good think about who to send it to as i wanna make it a bit more special or more of a suprise!

CraftyEngineer/TexasLonghorns said...

Glad you are participating! Spread a little joy!


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