Monday, July 30

Ohhh another card!

After tea tonight I left Darren and the boys in the garden and just went to made a card. It felt good after a long day with the boys and the neighbours girl it was a welcome break. I stamped the image yesterday and coloured this in last night in bed. I thought about my dirty knees from earlier in the day when I was weeding so I decided to add some dirty spots to bellas outfit! I love the colours of this one. I put the image through the cuttlebug after I coloured it. Instead of putting the folder through in the normal way I put it through long side first to make the image fit through, most of the image is hanging out of the folder. I thought this was pritty neat. I used three of my beloved primas on here and finished the centres of the flowers with doodlebug gems. [click picture to make it bigger]

Of all the pritty things, stamps, flowers, ribbons and papers I have two most precious and beautiful things.... I know you have all seen a lot of them... of course I am talking about my precious boys. Having the school holiday is tough. Of course I love both of them to death but as any mother will know its hard work. I am sure there will be a lot of counting to ten over these coming five weeks. I will look back on my blog and find these photos taken today. My happy, smiling, beautiful boys! I love you both SOOOOO much, just dont like what you do sometimes!

Awww you can see the love here can you? Harvey is the bestest big brother (apart from mine) ever. He loves his little brother and is very protective.

Two peas in a pod! Apart from the eyes that is.


Samm said...

Someone's got their Mojo!!!!

I've tagged you with the Bumper card tag, come on over to mine to see what it's about!


Allison said...

Great the idea of only bugging part of the image!

Kim said...

What a terrific card,, right up my street, it's what I have been doing today, not card making sadly but full of nettle bites I am too!!! lol

Don't the boys look scrumptious !!!

Karen said...

I like your bella and your fellas!

Momiji said...

fabulous photos of your boys...full of fun! ...and a great bella card too!

Kerryn Groves said...

that card is gorgeous!! esp the side bit of the image embossed. what a great idea!!

ur boys r just so adorable! i love them holding their lollies. i havent got my own yet, but having looked after my niece a lot, i know just how damn hard work it is, and i think every mother would understand exactly how u feel caz!
but ur right, they are precious!

Kerrie's crafting corner said...

WOW stunning card Caz, love that Cuttlebug technique!!

Lovely to see your boys, they look so sweet, really growing up now!


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