Thursday, July 19

Challenge Ladies

Images have been posted to Kim, Kat, Samm and Shell. Samm I also posted your blog candy goodies :)

I will go through the challenge as it was sooo long since I set it :

I have sent you the following

2 images (same image) 1 for the challenge, 1 for you, or if you mess up the first you'll need that! or if you wanted to 3d anything.

1 length of ribbon

1 piece of embossed card (cuttlebugged)

You need to use all three but not the entire piece, so for the ribbon, I think I sent about 10 inches, so if you want to use the 10 you can, if you want to use 1 inch you can. the same with the embossed card, you can use all or just a piece. You can also ADD anything you want. So anything else you want to use for this is fine. As long as some part of everything I sent you is also used.

Can you believe I have already made my card for this challenge, yep, dont fall over with shock! LOL I will post mine tomorrow, when I expect you to receive your materials by.

Once we have made the cards please post to your blog, website, image hosting place and I can link them all together. Then when we have done, one of you will start the same, so you will need to send some bits to all of us :)

Cant wait!!

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Samm said...

Done mine!!!!!



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