Monday, July 30

Fantastic Mail Day!

I got some wonderful mail tonight. I say tonight as I only just picked it up from the box. We have an alleyway and I have a box in which the postman leaves packets. Usually they will leave a note through the letterbox so I know that there are packets there, anyway he didnt and it was only coz I was taking the recycling in the alley that I saw the box was full.

I got a fab packet from my SS Sherilyn, WOW this packet was full to bursting... I will take a photo tomorrow... I also got set three of the clear stamps from Sue Scrapspirit (cricut forum) WOW what a fantastic lady, she sent me these as a RAK.. she is a sweetie and as soon as I am able I will return the favour with something that I think she might like. I did manage to photograph these. She put them in these fab pockets, I might need to get more of these for the first two sets :)


Flossie's Follies said...

Wow, lucky you, what wonderful goodies.

Kerrie's crafting corner said...

wow lucky you... I've been on the look out for those stamps!!

Can't wait to see what you do with them!


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