Sunday, July 29

My clever Harvey.... like mother like son

Harvey loves to play in my craft room. When I said I was finding a card for Grandma and Grumps he said he would make one. I stamped the image and he did the rest. All I did was stick the DS tape on the hedgehog so he could position the ribbon in the right place for it to be a bow tie. He is so funny, he is 4 years old, but he wont colour without using an aquabrush. He takes the colour from the end of the pencil just like mummy :) I am very proud of him. He has actually placed the flower colour just on the flowers (and around) but before he has just scribbled one colour over the hole thing so I am impressed that the flowers, hedgehog and grass are all different colours. I punched the flowers for him and he stuck them where he wanted. I am sure Grandma and Grumps will be very proud of their creation! {click on picture to see it bigger}

Our next door neighbours gave us an old bouncy castle, just a little one you would have in your back garden. All the the sides are off and we are left with just four turrets one of which is punctured. This has not stopped us having great fun on it. Friday I jumped on, and just like on TV Caiden was cattapulted off!! he was fine.. LOL Today Myself, Caiden, Harvey and Eyna (neighbours little girl) were all on, Darren came over and bounced on it, I ended up on the floor in fits of laughter, I wonder what the neighbours thought!! Here are some pictures of the fun this afternoon. I am taking the shots, its not a pritty site me stuck on the inflatable!


momijji said...

lovely photos Harvey's creation ..another stamp addict in the family!!

Kerryn Groves said...

wow what an amazing card of harveys!! what a talented little boy. i adore how he uses the waterbrush!! so cute! emily likes doing crafts with me but i have to stamp for her so the images are smudged!! lol


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