Monday, July 30

Todays cards.. & some of lifes great mysteries!

More cards from the Demo. I have enjoyed having this cards to share over a few days. I do love to post daily and I prefer them to be craft related rather than my mindless chatter!

The first card here is a simple card made using the Changito Monkeys from Stampendous For those wanting these and in th UK you can find these cheeky little chimps at The Glitter Pot and dont forget to mention I sent ya! I used some lovely doodlebug paper, I really wish I had brought some of this and the lovelylishous ribbon in the burnt orange colour. A simple card, missing a sentiment as I do not usually use those at the store as I never know which ones they have in stock and want to use one they have rather than tease people with something that can not buy. I coloured these in with H20's.

The cute little guy is one of the NEW 2007 Christmas Designs from Penny Black these were a sneak peek at the new designs which are due in over the next week or so. Keep looking on the GP website to see their arrival.

Again Doodlebug Paper and some more scrumptolicous dotted ribbon, this time in red with white dots. Simple!

Yesterday Harvey and I made a sponge cake, its the hot type that you eat with custard and after we cleaned the bowl out with fingers I thought to myself what is it that makes all the ingrediants of this cake mix taste so flippin yummy? I mean its sugar, egg, margarine and flour... YUCK in itself, but mixed into cake mixture its just like one of the nicest things to eat and I would much rather eat it like that than cooked!! I know its not really the done thing, with it including raw eggs, but I always by the Lion marked eggs which mean that the chickens have been vacinated against salmonella. I remember back from being pregnant with both boys, if someone had said what did I miss the most being pregnant it would be have been the cake mix!

Hmmmm something to ponder..... and one to add to the wonder of WHERE DO ALL THOSE SOCKS GO?????

Today is sunny, I expect another day of playing in the garden. I expect most of our holiday will be like that, we havent got much spare money (cough cough ok ANY) and we cant expect days out, so if it stays dry most days I can look forward to walks to the shops, the park and fun in the garden.

Friday 17th August - Oh how I wish my Mum didnt work full time. Julie my good friend has invited me for a fun day crafting, but my parents both work. Darren doesnt have much holiday left and so I will probably have to sit this one out.... Oh how I will be sad all day, knowing all my friends are so near but so far and having a fab time. Oh well... such is life... Darren might surprise me, you never know..... maybe taking a day off will be worth it, rather than have a sulking wife! tee hee

Enough waffle for now.... Caiden is napping, he usual nap time.... Harvey however is sitting next to me and nodded off at 11am! Hmmm perhaps him getting up at 5:45am this morning had something to do with that?!


Kerrie's crafting corner said...

oooh lovely cards Caz... I love the new Penny Black christmas stamps... that link wasn't working :(

Kerryn Groves said...

i love these cards!! esp the monkey one. such gorgeous colours!!

Momiji said...

great cards again! sunny days with your boys reminds me of simple days spent with my can make such fun in simple ways that don't have to cost much and they love it...tents made out of the old clothes maiden and blankets etc..great fun!


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