Wednesday, July 18

Not blog candy.... eye candy

One of my bestest friends Julie is getting set to enter the world of blogging. I am actually helping her set it up and when its ready you will all have to go on over and have a look. I am sure a lot of people will know her, not through meeting her, although you might have, but from her fabulous best selling craft books. I am talking of the one and only Julie Hickey! Julie has an amazing eye for colours, layout and just getting cards so right :) Julie has a hectic schedule full of shows, classes, demos, magazine work and I really dont know where she will find the time to blog but I can assure you that when she does we will be in for a treat :) I will anounce when she is up and ready for visitors, she is wanting to "pritty it up" with a fancy header so we'll wait for the "eye candy" then. Big hugs Jules xxxx I will be stalking your blog as well as you mine LOL


Kim said...

Ohhhheeee goody can't wait Julie!!!!

Michelle said...

Yay it's about time Julie got a blog! :)


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