Sunday, July 1

Pinch Punch first day of the month

Its July, I cant believe it. Perhaps we'll have a little more sun than rain this month. They said on the news today it has been the wettist June since the 1940's and they said once they got all the information in it would probably be a record breaker so would be the wettest since the records begain. My heart goes out to all the people effected by the terrible flooding. I can not imagine how they feel with water half way up their walls inside!

I had a wonderful day yesterday I met up with 5 people from a craft forum I belong to. I taught two classes and I had to admit I was a little nervous, well, even more nervous than normal. But I need not have been, they were all great fun and we did do lots of giggling. Once I get a photo from them I will ask if I can share on my blog. And give a roll call.

I havent shared much lately apart from a load of waffle, so here are a few piccys. Cards, coaster book and one of linny who is getting so brave!

Stampendous Changito Monkeys! Love these little guys and we had so much fun with these yesterday. As you can see I "finished" the monkey trail with some prima flowers and a large flower brad. (thanks SS for these). If you are wanting these monkeys have them all in stock. I believe they still have them all despite lots of the ladies from the class buying a couple each.
First class for the morning was billed as "Penny Black Girls" and it didnt elaborate on a project so I decided to at last use my coasters that Sue (scrapspirit) from the cricut very kindly sent me. We had great fun making these little books. Veyr fun and girlie.

This is a fab design from Paper Nation. They have some great stamps for men, decoupage and background papers to match as well. Here I have also used my cutterpede and my newly named "pollacs" scissors..... Any guesses about the name for these?? LOL
Last but not least is a picture of Linny, my little guinea pig. Tuck had run inside when the I got the camera but they are at last getting a little braver and coming out from their "bedroom" and you can catch them outside. Can anyone help with a question re guinea pigs. Do they usually do their "business" in their bed area? My rabbit used to go downstairs, never in his bedroom, but these little guys just do it where ever, is this usual for guinea pigs? As you can see Linny was about to tuck and no I dont mean his brother!! LOL about to tuck into a lovely greens leaf (lovely if your a gp, not a 4 year old boy named Harvey - come to think of it or your a 36 year old women either!) They love it and eat it like they have never eaten in their little lives. :)


Leigh said...

Fabulous work Caz, as always :)

Samm said...

Great work Caz!
In answer to your question, some guinea pigs are clean and others, like mine would even poo in their own food bowl, lovely huh??? do you think it adds fibre???LOL!!
Any other questions on them, drop me an email


momiji said...

love the little coaster books cute. I love penny black stamps too but only have 2 so far!
used to look on your old site but have just come across your blog.Its really fun and bright .....


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