Sunday, July 1

Digi Scrapping

I've been thinking about digiscrapping. For a number of reasons. 1/ Its easier for me to work on the PC to make layouts with the boys about 2/ I enjoy working with the PC and messing about with graphics 3/ there are so many cool (and many of them free) downloads.

So here is my first try. I used the Kirsty Wiseman (hope I got that right) Free download pack and a trial version of SCRAPBOOK MAX. Its soooooo easy to use. Looks quiet cute eh?

And here is my second and third attempt at it. I think I'll be buying this programme :)

Thanks for looking and if you have any fab links for FREE digiscrapping please let me know :)


Anna said...


Love your digi layouts. usually have a free kit every month which are sometimes designed by Rhonna Farrer. Loving your cards, especially the monkey ones. Keep up the great work!

Leigh said...

Looks great Caz, well done.

Sherilin said...

Yeah! I've just started too...check out - subscribe to their newsletter and they have a HUGE FABULOUS free starter digi kit that is awesome! There are tons of papers, embellies, etc. that come with it. You'll love it! There are lots of sites with freebies. Check out also. She's got lots of freebies in past newsletters somewhere on her site. Also check out (hope that link works) - there you'll find LOTS of good stuff too! Enjoy the new world of digi! I just started my blog.... Someday I'll get links up there to these and other sites. Hugs,

malieta said...

Very nice layout! I have tried and tried to do this "digi-thing" with the paint shop pro and I just can't get it to "work" for me.One of these days, I'm going to just sit and play with it until I get it:)


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