Tuesday, July 3

Today was one of those "if only" days

You know sometimes you dont know what to do, you have two plans in your head and you go with one. Well today I had that, either go to parents for lunch, or stay in for lunch. I was cooking a casserole, so I decided to stay in and get that done. Thats when "it" happened. You cna see the story below in todays first digi layouts. Of course this is something that I didnt want to have to scrap, not so soon really, of course its inevitable that it would happen one day, somehow, but today was the day. And it was an "if only" moment as I thought if only I had gone to my parents for lunch it wouldnt have happened. I suppose you cant live your life in this mode, things happen, as forrest gump said S**t happens. The end of the day who knows what might have happened had we gone to my parents... Hmmmm Anyway the little loves are both fine, Caiden is showing off his big sticky plaster, Harvey is fine and had learnt a lesson in swing safety. I'll have a guilty story for the mums at school tomorrow and Caiden will be lapping the attention up. It will be a strange page to show them when their older. I'm just waiting for the time the tables are turned and the page is all about how Harveys little brother got his own back!

Here is my second page, its a much happier one!


kim said...

Ouch!!!! poor baby, ****blows a ickle kiss to Caiden****

Lynn said...

Aww poor luvvies. I can just hear the screaming from here!! You always feel so bad when they have their first accident and have to have a plaster. Soon though you will be handing out plasters all over the place, funny how quickly a plaster calms them down. I think it was probably you that needed a hug!


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