Monday, July 2

I've started it and...

I have no clue how long it might take..... Whilst on the class Saturday we were chatting about how many stamps we own and to be honest I have no clue. So I started yesterday to put my stamp drawers in order and count them at the same time. I have done one tower of drawers, I have three to go, the SU sets, my desk shelves and some others than arent where they are supposed to be. Alphabet sets will be counted as ONE stamp. Clear sets again will be counted as one. Stampin up sets will be counted each stamp. I would guess over 2000 but I dont know. I do have to sell stamps in order to get funds for new ones now as we just havent got the spare cash and as I am not working as such I cant just spend all of Darrens on me!! I suspect that what was once a large collection isnt so large any more, its sad but its life. Also I have so many stamps, many of them are uninked so I have to be realistic on what I buy now.

When chatting to Darren last night about what I had been doing when I kept disappearing upstairs I mentioned 2000, he rolled his eyes and then I could see him kinda doing a mental sum in his head (hmm 2000 x average of £7 a stamp) YEAH ok Darren, I know its a lot of money and I could have got a very nice car for that. Thats just the stamps... Tee Hee

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Samm said...

But think how much more fun those stamps were eh????
It's just a great way of recycling, think of it that way Caz!



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