Friday, August 24

Bundle of crafters workshop templates for sale

Only used one once. They sell for £4.75 each, I have a bundle of 10 that I want to sell for £20 (does not include postage) I said one used once, the others not used. I have paisley swirl, swirly q's, dot burst, circle circle dot dot, doohickeys, swirls & dots, circles n circles, dots & circles, arrows, swirls and flowers. If you do a search you should be able to find these. I only want to sell them all together, 8 of them are 12 x 12 size and I havent got another envelope to send them. If you want to break it apart and sell it then that is fine, but I want to sell them as one package. Less than half price! These are fab templates, just havent had a chance to use them, they have remainede in their package since I got them in April!! Paypal preferred. Thanks

1 comment:

Sallyh said...

OOoh do you still have these? If so yes please I would like to buy them.


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