Friday, August 24

Sometimes I am soooooo slow!

Usually I am on the ball, I am a walking brain of all things rubber stamp related, very sad! (YAWN) LOL BUT some things, such as my very late paper stack addiction and now this. EZ mount.... Just leave me behind.

Samm sent me a stamp a while back, it was on a foam mount, but when I took the cover off it wasnt sticky, I thought it were a duff piece of sticky foam! Since then Kitty from First Class Crafts sent me those faby Pink Cat stamps and said "Oh I only have them on ez mount" OK, thats fine..... DUH!! Thats what that stuff was..... anyway I stamped with those kittys the other night and I thought WOW, these stamp fab, cushioned but firm... So off I trotted to ebay and brought myself 3 sheets of ez mount and now all my Bellas, Fellas and words are EZ mounted..... Its a messy process and you need good scissors but worth it. Only trouble is my bellas wont fit in their bella box as it more than doubles the size of them... about 40 bellas, 6 fellas and a number of words I got them all done.

I know I didnt HAVE to, the Bellas do stamp beautifully, especially I find with a sheet of funky foam underneath the card...but it just felt so nice to use them like that and meant 1/ I didnt have to take my sheet of funky foam about with me and 2/ I didnt have to take my glue stick with me.... I always went to get it, either Harvey had pinched it and it was missing or it was there with 3" sticking out and the lid popped on the last inch!! Needless to say all shriveled up! (HARVEY!)

So, what else have I been left behind on? Soon I will be telling you I have just found glitter glue! Just kidding!


Paula Pascual said...

So funny! I know how sometimes we get sidetracked.

Sallyh said...

I have only recently e-z mounted my bellas, it makes them feel good doesn't it? lol there's me looking to you for all the new crafty ideas :)


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