Wednesday, August 8

Cards and Jacobs Ladder

Here are a few more cards, I do not think I have shared these already?

Here is a fab stamp from Penny Black, I teamed this with some doodlebug papers and some red spotted ribbon. For a bright and fun card. This along with Sunshine Hedgehog is one of my favourite Penny Black designs of all time :)

Here is another Penny Black stamp using the fab new girl designs.

and here is another one

I have two classes Saturday and one of the things we are making is a jacobs ladder. I made one last night and it worked!! Its one of those things, like the waterfall card that you make and you wonder will it all be worth it at the end, and YES it is. Its fab fun, relatively easy to make, just following some steps and fun to decorate with photos, stamped images or quotes. I cant share photos right now as it wouldnt be fair for people booked on the class, but I will take photos and post once the class is done. I just wanted to say, if anyone is pondering making one, I say GO FOR IT, they are great fun to look at when you have made them and really not too hard. You will be glad you did.

I have to prep later for my other class, I so want to play with my bella images yesterday but I doubt I can sneak that it, I have a feeling I will be upstairs for a while as it it.


Karen said...

Great cards! Those stamps remind me of my daughter!

Trina said...

What great cards!!! Just found your blog and I love it!! Will be coming back and checking your stuff regularly!

texasjodylynn said...

Very cute cards! :)

Trace said...
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Trace said...

Great cards - as usual! Love the new Penny Black stamps - I feel another "spend" coming on!
Really want to try the Jacobs Ladder cards. Perhaps you could put a tutorial on your site for them.

steph said...

Love the cards Caz! Where did you get the new Penny Black girls? I've got 2 but haven't seen these ones?! Love Penny Black! x


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