Thursday, August 9

I am in love and it hurts

Why does it hurt? Well I am in love with a paper stack, I am only about 10 trillion years out of the loop with paper stacks, I never really got them, but since my SS has sent me two I love them. Firstly she sent me the beautiful glittery Pocketful of posies stack, then she sent me the earthtone card stack, then last week I went to a local store for matt board, I didnt have any cash so I had to card it and therefore I had to spend a little more money so I picked up the Retro paper stack. Its patterns and colours are so beautiful I dont want to cut into it, I want to run out and buy another so I can use one and cut one. Its the cutting that hurts! I have used one piece today. And I have just coloured in some huggybellas to match another piece, I am just about having palpatations at thinking about using another sheet!

I have some exciting news for me :) Kitty from First Class Crafts has asked me to join her design team and I have said YES! I am not sure if she was expecting a yes or not, but my motto of "will work for stamps" has always run strong for me! First Class Crafts is going through a major overhaul and once its all up and ready I will tell you more. Kitty is also going to sort me out with a "Design Team badge" LOL How sad I am? I am excited about wearing it on my blog. Ohhh I feel all grown up and special :) Kitty promises for lots of lovely stamps for her store and I hope that means I can make lots of lovely cards for her.

I have made some cute cards this week, along with my jacobs ladder and I promise I will post the pictures Saturday evening, got to let the ladies on the classes see them first. I hope to have my huggy bellas done in a card and up for you to see later tonight... Hmm wonder how hubby will feel about that. Mind you I got one more card to make for my class, so it will just mean I will stay up there a little longer, he wont know will he?

Well I better make the most of the boys BOTH napping. ANd see if I can cut into this second sheet of retro stack!


Kim said...

Rofl... What a heading it made me promptly put down what I had in me hands and take a look, lol paper stacks lov em what took ya so long

Congrats on being on a design team, I shall look forward to seeing what designs you come up with..... well done !!!!

Sallyh said...

lol.. I have many stacks, all in perfect condition :)
Congratulations on your new position hope it all goes well for you.

Cindyg said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! She's lucky to have you!!!!

Made by Mandy said...

Welcome to the world of buying lovely paper stacks but really not wanting to cut into them :)

I keep saying I don't need any more paper and then someone brings out another gorgeous stack !!

Congratulations on your DT appointment. Your cards are really good and looking forward to seeing your designs.

Alex said...

Hiya Caz, Congratulations on being the newest member of Kitty's DT team, welcome to the madhouse!!! lol


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