Friday, August 24

I think with all the recent bumps..

This would actually be a good look for him! Here is Harvey in his amour cut with my Charlie Bug at 11 1/2" I have included 2 photos, one on a chair, you can see the rub ons shimmer more on this one and one with Harvey so you can "get" the feel of the size. I am going to make a Wizard of Caiden soon ;) Mind you with our bedroom arrangements I wouldnt know who's door to stick it onto!

One of the main reason I got the dolls cart was to be able to do fun things like this for their rooms but after my first try it become apparent I needed the big bug to make big things for them, also was thinking the school would love things like this too. They had a room between the nursery and reception room which is themed ie seaside, doctors, supermarket ect it is changed each term and I thought I would offer to make them stuff. I would love to help out in the class, but having Caiden means I cant, but this could be my way of helping out.

Also of course the reasons for the big bug purchase as explained before for the fantastic features it offers you, fit to page, fill page, flip ect ect ect.... which reminds me I must have a go at chipboard soon! Get yours ordered from they have a fab shop, great service and knowledgeable staff. And in true parrot fashion repeat after me "dont forget to tell them Caz sent ya" BTW I am NOT on comission with anyone that I mention, but they help me out with stuff for magazines ect so I like to repay their kindness :)

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