Monday, August 13

Silly-o-clock posting

OK 5.45am isnt that silly but I have been up an hour so in my head thats silly-o-clock. Caiden decided he just wanted to moan and groan and roll all night, I must have been woken at least 10 times. So when he woke at 4;45am I felt him and he was wet through, so I brought him down to change him, changed him, re dressed him, gave him some milk and now he is asleep on the sofa. Everytime I tried to pick him up to take him up to bed he woke, so I have given in and am now sitting here in the half dark blogging! What else to do at silly-o-clock!

So I have read my 37 emails, I have yet to go through my blog list (yes I do read my entire blog list - see right - every morning) I have made myself a cuppa and I thought I could ramble on a bit (not like me I hear you say)... we had a nice afternoon yesterday, weather was a bit showery, but we decided to still go to a local steam fair. Well Harvey was so excited it was like he had never been taken out before! We walked around the market stalls and then stopped by a "hot donut" stall. Yummy hot donuts sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon :) YUMMY. Then Harvey and Darren went on a steam engine ride. Harvey loved bumping all around the field in the trailer. Whilst they were doing that I took Caiden to the fun fair and we wont a cuddly snake! Of course when Harvey saw that he wanted to have a go and he won himself a sword! Such a boy! Then we found a giant wavy slide. I wasnt sure if he would like it, but I went up with him, it was 3 goes for £2, an extra £1 if I wanted to come down the slide at the end! LOL I decided to walk down the steps, but was tempted :) He loved it, he bombed down so fast, I am sure his face was a picture, I couldnt see it as I was up the top making sure he got into his mat ok.

Lots of stamping yesterday afternoon as well, but non I can share, its all magazine sutff. I may just show a peek at one part of one. Oh how I love Penny Black. I love Bellas, Stampendous, SU ect ect BUT I will always love Penny Black and I had fun colouring in some Christmas designs and I thouroughly enjoyed it.
Here is a bella card I made for Kim, it was the first of our neverending RAKs. I need to sort Samms out this week. I got Kims done was I was seeing her at my class this weekend so I thought it would be a chance to save a few pennies postage.

Paper is DCWV card stack - pocketfull of posies
Jewel is doodlebug (from Glitter pot)
Ribbon is Lilac spotted ribbon (from Glitter pot)

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