Thursday, August 23

Two more Bellas

OK here are two more Bellas for Creative Pastimes who have these lovely jubbly stamps in stock and ready for you to go in and buy. They asked me for 6 cards and I have made 7 so they will just have to choose their favourite 6. My battery on my camera is dying, its at a stage where it will turn on and take maybe one photo and then you press the button again to take another and it dies. So I was leaving it, turning it on seeing if it would take just one last photo, I managed to catch the car one although the colours are terrible as its under the lamp light, the other one I managed to catch one last dying shot by the door but even then I needed to adjust within the software as it is dark, damp and dismal here!

The top card was done with cruisabella, a hero arts flower stamp and some pritty ribbon. And the card below is made using jammybella, a cuttlebug folder and some embellishments. So check out the Creative Pastimes store and tell them you were inspired by Caz! (of course only if I did inspire ya! LOL)
Bella lovers, check out Em's blog, she has added another bella today, very fitting for most of us bloghoppers. Looks like another order for this and more baubles might be in order. :)

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Nikki said...

Gorgeous cards as always Caz!


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