Sunday, August 5

We're all cream crackered!

We had a fun time. But very wearing. Firstly there was the trains and tubes to get there. Harvey loved it, if you ask him which he preffered I think he would say the tubes as they went much faster. He also enjoyed on the way home the fact that there was a train that was running slowly beside us and the train driver waved at him. We had a fews changes which is fun with buggy, baby and 4 year old in tow, thats not to forget our picnic bag as well. But we made it through unscathed. It was a fair walk from the tube to the zoo, didnt help the fact that we walked halfway down regents park before we thought we might have gone wrong, so had to walk all the way back and then found the zoo was 240 yards down the road from our wrong turn. By this time Caiden had fallen asleep in the buggy, which was good as he was getting grizzly on the tubes and trains.

We finally get to the zoo after 1 1/2 hours travelling and walking. We had a picnic almost as soon as we got there but the boys werent really wanting to eat as it was too much to take in. I had put a 2 litre bottle of squash in the freezer last night and that was fab as it was just melting and slushy so we had a orange slush puppy! Off to walk around the zoo and we saw lots of great animals. I will pop a few pictures on here.

The first things we saw were the gibbons, they were amazing, flying around the bars and ropes like spiderman! I am sure they were showing off for us, I just couldnt believe the speed of them.

My favourite had to be the gorillas. There was a smaller one inside and you will see the pictures of her stretched out flat on her back. Then there was a larger male outside. Just sitting there looking, at us looking at him. I wonder what goes in behind those eyes. I was actually excited and sad to see this amazing creature with all us peering at him, he should be king of the jungle, with a troup of others looking up to him. I guess this is how he can survive as a species. After about 3 hours walking about we were all pritty tired, Caiden fell asleep again, we went through the butterfly garden and a beautiful bright butterfly landed on Harveys top, of course I couldnt get the camera out quick enough to catch it! Then Darren and Harvey went on the carosel, I wasnt about to climb up onto one of those horses! And then we looked at the map and decided we would pop up to see the giraffes and zebras and then head off home as we had an 1/2 hour walk to the station and then various changes to get back. We got home at 5:30pm so we had been out for 8 hours.

Here are some other pictures from the day.

All in all it was a good day. Not something we could afford to do often. I think we ought to try and cram in a few more trips to London whilst travel is still free for Harvey. Harvey woke this morning and dispite his tummy ache (hmmm too much of that lolly pop I think) he said he had a great day and I think he liked the train the best!! LOL


Momiji said...

lovely photos of a special family day've captured it well! thought there might be one of Caiden asleep!! thanks for sharing!

Karen said...

Looks like you had a great day! Don't you jusr love the positions those gorillas pose in?

Andrea said...

Great photos looks like you had a good day


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