Friday, September 7

I am making something.... I cant share.. but

I am making a project for Cardmaking and Papercraft using the FAB expression machine and Christmas Cheer cartridge. I am really excited about it and think it will come out cute. I just wanted to tell you how much easier the FLIP function on the expression machine is making it. Granted, I could do it on the "normal" bug by putting the paper face down on the mat and cutting but the expression just makes it easier. I am making double sided figures and I just press FLIP and I have parts to match perfectly front and back. If you are still thinking about the expression contact and order it, you will be so glad you did. Not only things bigger but smaller too, down to 1/4" and so many more sizes as it goes up/down in 1/4" intervals. I started to try and make it the other night, Harvey upstairs and Caiden screaming downstairs with Daddy (coz he knew I was upstairs)... anyway I gave up and I am taking my machine round to my parents and make it Sunday... wish I could show you, in my head its going to be really fun! I will make sure the magazine sends this one thing back to me for me to use for my festive decorations.

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