Saturday, September 8

Whilst I slept

I went past 20000 hits! WOW.... I think I will celebrate with some blog candy when I get to 25000.. Once again thanks for coming and reading. I hope its interested and not too boring for you. I will have some cards to share later from my Cuttlebug demo at Crafts U Love.

I say whilst I slept, which wasnt much, hubby did a disappearing trick down the pub and didnt get back until 1am! Caiden from about 12;30am had been twisting, turning, moaning ect ect and generally not sleeping, so at 2am I got up and gave him a bottle of milk and some medicine. Finally about 2;30 he went to sleep. Then just as I got upstairs Harvey fell out of bed with a loud bump! He was in with me and Caiden as Darren was out. Then about 4-5am Darren managed to make it upstairs! He hasnt been out for ages and drunk far too much and had crashed on the sofa. Just before 7 Caiden and I got up and Harvey got up about 8:30. I am so tired and not in the best of moods!! LOL So not really looking forward to my demo. Least it doesnt start until 11am so it means I will have a bit more time at home. I am leaving at 10 to get some lunch on the way, was going to make it but I cant be bothered and I am going to treat myself as I didnt have tea last night as I was thinking Darren and I could have chinese. Oh well there is always tonight for that.


Angie said...

Hi Caz,
I just love all your creations and have been a lurker from some time now....So now I'm out in the open, I just wanted to say Hi, and thank you for all the inspiration you've given to me.
Love Angie..xx..:)

Kim said...

WOW!!! 20,000 OMG thats amazing well you... and your bloggy is very interesting and as Angie said insiprational too so thanks for sharing... you rock!!!

Ami said...

Congrats on the 20,000 hits your blog is always one of my favorites.

Anna said...

Congratulations Caz. What an achievement to hit 20,000. I will be old and grey with a walking stick by the time I get that many hits!


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