Sunday, September 23

A storage solution

I have been thinking of a way to store my Magnolia stamps and this is what I have come up with. This is a DVD case and I was using it for my cuttlebug storage but it really didnt work that well as the dies are quiet heavy and when turning the page they all used to fly out! Drove me nuts. So I have rehomed them in a box for now and thought what can I use this case for.

I have used plastic page dividers and cut them to 11cm x 11cm and then stuck the stamps onto that. Most stamps are ez mounted but a few I have recently got I have applied "Aleenes Tack it over and over glue" this is a great glue, very very sticky to apply. I put it on the backs of the stamps last night and left to dry overnight. I say dry, it doesnt as such but it goes very very tacky and thats how you can apply it to your stamps, peel off the plastic divider onto your block and back onto the storage sheet afterwards. I ran out of ez mount and had a bottle of this handy so thought I would use it. I might even get one of these folders for my Bellas.... at present they are in a box but its hard to find them like that. this is a link to a UK equivalent glue for temporary on/off glue for unmounted stamps


Samm said...

Thanks Caz, just gave me a great idea for the massive CD storage whatsit Mum and Dad bought for Mark that he's never gonna use!!!!LOL!!!


Gail said...

Great storage idea for stamps, must try it.

Nancy Grant said...

Thanks so much for sharing! What a wonderful idea!

Michelle said...

Great idea for storing stamps. I have just ordered some Magnolia's - hope they arrive soon! Thanks for the inspiration :0)


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