Saturday, September 22

Sunny Surrey

Had a lovely time at a local garden centre. Its very close to us and I got a flyer from them ages ago about their Nature Trail. Well today the forecast was for a beautiful sunny day, so once we all had lunch I drag hungover husband along for a stroll in the countryside. I really do love where we live. We have a great mix here in this part of Surrey with beautiful countryside and towns just a short ride away. We are also close enough to drive to the coast and a short train ride from central London too. The nature trail was set up to celebrate 50 years of the land being owned and run by a couple. It has been built up and is now a thriving business of the garden centre, coffee shop and more. So here are some photos of our fun time.

I did two things today that I have always wanted to do. walk in (near) a field of sunflowers and also in a pumpkin field.... I dont know why, but these are two things I have wanted to do for ages... sadly the big sunflowers were past their prime but I loved how people, not sure if it was staff or visitors had put on smiley faces and I added my own before I left :)
Afterwards we went to the very lovely, quiet expensive coffee shop and had cake and tea (Oh how very civil) LOL
Then Caiden and Harvey played in the playground before we came back. All in all it was a lovely time, only £1 each so a cheap time until we hit the coffee shop that is :)

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