Sunday, October 14

Looking for the door

They say one door closes and another one opens. Seems a door has just closed for me so I am on the lookout for one to open. Will let you know what happens but at the moment I am just in the hallway, too scared to open anymore and really wanting to just go back into the door I came out of. All the while the bulldozer is outsidewaiting to smash them all in anyway!! LOL

Yes I am talking rubbish, I know what I mean but I cant really say much else.

Hoping to get on well with my prep today, maybe a little something to share with you all. Till later

EDITED TO ADD : sorry this is so down a post. I like having this blog to express feelings, mostly they are happy, fun, weird ect but today I was feeling down this morning, did wonder if I should delete it but decided not to, just to add I am looking forward to finding the door and I am hoping its wonderful!! I am thankful for family, friends and health, I should remember that.


Julia said...

Sorry things are a little down for you at the moment Caz. I like your blog because you write about the ups as well as the downs - that's life! It's your blog and you should write what you like in it ((hugs))x

Nikki said...

Caz...hope that door opens soon for you Hun..

Samm said...

Sorry to hear you've had some bad news, if you need a chat you know where I am!xxx


Quixotic said...

I'm having a tough time at the moment too, for various reasons - very much a "one door slammed in the face, another one slightly ajar but I'm a bit daunted" scenario. Totally understand.

Like Julia, I like your blog because you write about the ups and downs. It's good to share. :)

Hope things look up soon! Hope your prep went well too. :)

Janine said...

Caz, You sound so sad in your blog today, I hope things get better soon. Just remember those lovely boys and how much joy you share with others being creative at your classes. Take care

Sallyh said...

(((big hugs))) We all have our down days, and our up days. I like that you can share them both with us. Hopefully that new door will open for you soon :)


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