Saturday, October 13

Quick Hello

Haven't had time to craft today. Popped to The Glitter Pot to grab some papers and card for my classes next weekend. On the way back we all went to Tulleys Farm. Fun place for the family with loads of halloween decorations, people dressed up, things for Harvey to play on/in and a maze around a cornfield, inside were scary things like gravestones with skeletons, a part that said beware lion and all russling and growling noises from the corn (I was a bit freaked!) LOL, loads of snakes and hissing. A pitch black tunnel which you walk through and there is a big bang on the top (I screamed) LOL I think it would be better in the dark but might frighten the boys too much not to mention me :) So that was nice :) Got to prep tomorrow for my classes so wont be able to share those until after the classes.

Speak tomorrow my crafty friends :) Cazx

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