Monday, October 15

No pictures yet to share

I had a few spare moments yesterday but I was busy upstairs trying to sort through my stamps. Anyone want to help me? If you come and sort a drawer or two, I will let you play in my room :) I will make you a cuppa as well :) This is a serious offer! My stamp drawers need sorting, they are all mixed up, so slowly I am getting there but helpers are wanted! You'd have the added luxury that I could shut the boys out for you, I dont have that, generally when I am there, they are.... two steps forward one step backwards springs to mind when Caiden is playing with all the stuff up there. :0) ***** I have a helper :) Amanda is coming to pick up the spinner that she is buying off me and she will bring along some cardso she can stamp some iamges and help me sort a few drawers out... Now if only that would work with the ironing!! LOL

Thanks for all the lovely messages of support, seems there are a lot of us going through the same, or have been through the same feelings. ((((( HUGS ))))) to you all.

Right better go and get Harvey, I am walking today, Darren has my car, something I need to get used to as we will soon be a one car family..... a big change for us, but a welcome one for me (sort of) but my big flabby belly is scared! lol


Julia said...

I would love a rummage in your stamp drawers Caz!! There must be soooo many luverly stamps to play with. Do you know how many you actually have??!! x

Sallyh said...

Lol I would love to have a nosey through your stamps but judging by the mess my craft area is in I wouldn't hold out for much tidying !!

TCake said...

Hi Caz....glad to see you feeling a little brighter, for a little fun i've tagged you.Tx


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