Sunday, November 4


Had a nice day yesterday at Crafts U Loves sale. Was a bit quieter than we all wanted but we still had fun. I was colouring the Paper Nation stamps, they have a fantastic range of these in stock so check them out They have great christmas and everyday ones in their range. I forgot my camera so I couldnt take any picures :( I got "Harvey" a christmas pressie, the new CUTTLEKIDS and two dies.... now I said to Darren its kinda for Harvey, but he has to share with Mummy. These are a fantastic price, £24.99 from Crafts U Love and your child can have their very own die cutter. Crafts U love are getting more dies in, they have a selection right now, but there are lots more fab ones to come! I got a piggy and bee die. I might open these and check they work.. (cough cough) cuttlekids dies will work in the cuttlebug, but not vice versa.

A nice evening at home with a zillion fireworks going off. Next doors boy was 14 and having a little party, we brought some fireworks too, I cooked some sausages and jacket potatos and we all congregated outside the front of the houses and had the fireworks on the green. Harvey LOVED it, Caiden wasnt so sure, he felt safer watching them from inside.

I hope to come back later with a card or two. I had a headache all day yesterday and have woken up with it still so it makes it hard to concentrate on things.

Speak later, Cazx

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