Thursday, December 27

Christmas gone

and the boys had a blast. They got lots of lovely pressies and really enjoyed the fuss.

Christmas Day was ruined by a "off" chicken so we didnt have our main meat to go with the roast. Thankfully my Mum had some pork at home so Darren took her back home to get that so they had that.

My illness has come out to a stinking cold. Thnakfully I was rid of the shivers by Mid Christmas Day. Harvey I thought was out of the woods as his was going but it came back with a vengance yesterday, his poor little eyes looked so heavy and he looked wrecked! He managed to last all day and then went to bed. He came into my room at 5am and he is burning up again with a raging temp. I gave him some calpol and he is still in bed now.

Mum and I had a cry over the washing up Christmas Day. Then when I took her home that evening a well, then again yesterday! Mum and Dad brought us a great pressie which Mum said Dad knew about and wasnt sure if we would like them. But I LOVE it! It is a digital photo frame. So now I have pictures of all of us rotating on a slideshow. How fab is that? oF course I have the precious photos of Dad on there. :)

So all in all a good Christmas for the boys, going through the motions and feeling sorry for ourselves for the rest of us. I am sure all Christmasses will be hard, this being the hardest though.

I hope you all have had great ones!

I was thinking of going to the Glitter Pot today but I am still feeling rough and I havent got any money! LOL so no point really. WOuld just be like torture. I will wait until my new Spring Penny Black come into them and then I will go. Which I am hoping wont be long at all. Keep checking their website to see when they are coming. There are some fab new Clear sets, these were so popular at Christmas so you will need to be quick with these!!



Alex said...

Hi there,

Have been rather busy and have only managed to view your blog today.

So sorry to hear about your dad, my thoughts are with you and your family.

Love the new pictures you have posted of the various rubber stamps you have done.

Bye for now,


Michelle said...

I hope everyone is feeling a bit better.
I have just joined the sisterhood ( I think ) not quite sure when I know I am actually a member. Here's my web site if you'd like to hop over
Enjoy that lap top!!
Hope your days get better each day.

Girl With the Gadgets said...

Hello.. Just wanted to stop by and say hello.. Couldn't find the sisterhood link so I am posting here... I am glad to be a part of the sisterhood.

Tina M


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