Thursday, December 27

Stampers ten group and Sisterhood of Stamping bloggers

I have a couple of things I wanted to tell you.

I had someone ask about the stampers groups and YES they will be going ahead. Dates might be slightly later but it will still happen. Main reason for delay, apart from my Dads passing was that I couldnt afford to order the catalogues as I placed a almost £400 order with SU for customers and had to pay for it from our money! GULP Orders placed with SU have to be paid for at the time of me ordering and I couldnt spare any more money for the catalogues needed for the group AND afford to eat! Lesson learnt and I will have to ask for the payment for these monthly orders upfront I am afraid.

secondly, I have joined a sisterhood of blogging stampers or something like that, I have to post a piece about me and link you to the other sisters in "my" group. I will do this when H is back at school, simply havent got the time when he is at home.

Thats it,
Thanks for reading


Anonymous said...

Hi Caz welcome to the sisterhood my name is Kerri and Don't stress about linking it does take a little time as I know. I have just done mine and its all up to date. except for one that the link doesn't work on.
I can't wait to see what you get up to just take care of yourself.

frickelfee said...

Hi Caz, just want to send a little hello from Germany. I´m a sister of SBS7, too.
So I hope we get to know each other better soon!

Best wishes for 2008!



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