Sunday, December 23

Crackers and my first Maggie

I coloured my first Maggie in today. ( I think he came out cute. I didnt know what to choose as I got all but one of them. He stamped out lovely.

I also made, well hardly made, but decorated some cheap crackers with some Sugar Nellie designs. One each for my niece and nephew. I left it too late to get an itune voucher for them, well I could have but it was more than I wanted to spend, so I stuffed some money inside these simple crackers. Just made a change from sticking it inside a card.

You should have seen me just now. Socks, 2 pairs trousers, t shirt, cardigan, dressing gown, hat and glove and now I am burning up! and yes I have taken it all (well most) off. I left it too long between tablets really and now I am suffering. Good news is Harvey seems to be OK at the moment, we have both had temps of over 101 today.



Nikki said...

Oh dear you are going through it at the moment Caz....I really hope you feel better soon so that you can enjoy christmas with your boys. ((((((HUGS))))))

Angelswings_2 said...

I am sorry to hear your so poorly.
I do hope you feel well enough to enjoy Christmas.
((HUGS)) to make you feel better.

Scrapbook Mama said...

Sending messages of support and comfort ((HUGS))

Sister from StampinSisterhood :)


** Isa ** said...

Good idea about the crackers! My boys would pull them all day long and if they knew money was in it they would never stop! Glad to hear Harvey is feeling better too. Kids seem to recover so quickly - Now I'm feelling old!!!!! Hope you get better soon too... I've just beginning to look Human again but Tristan is poorly too now!


Isa x

Anna said...

I hope you feel better by tomorrow.

Wishing you and your family a happy Christmas.

Anna xx

sewflake said...

These are really cute, I will have to make notes and use them for next year, or start them now before I forget then leave myself a list of where I put things to use for next year, which just reminds me I still have two "gifts" in my luggage that I did not put in Christmas stockings, LOL, I better get them now or I will forget again.
I do hope you and your family felt better by Christmas.


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